Starting a new business is capital intensive. From rents to daily operational costs, to equipment and furniture, expenses can accumulate to become large milestones that hinder startups and SMEs from breaking even in their business.

Of all expenses that eat into a new business’ finances, the cost of rent together with accompanying location maintenance expenses can be the most draining.

The less money that new businesses spend on rent and location-related expenses, the more resources can be directed towards producing high-quality product, attracting investments, and turning in profits.

However, every entrepreneur should know how to differentiate between important and avoidable costs and maximize available resources to ensure the smooth running of the business and profitability.

Depending on how big or small your startup is, below are 8 great ideas startups can leverage to slash location costs without cutting down on quality.

  • 1. Registered office address
  • Registering your business is one of the steps taken when you want to open your business up to the public. However, one of the major requirements for registering a business that scares most startup entrepreneurs away is having an office address. Most startup businesses can’t afford a location yet and just work or deliver services from their homes or online. This is nothing to worry about as Gilgal Properties offer a registered business address office package that might just perfect for your start up. Check it out here.

  • 2. Private meeting rooms
  • You no longer have to be under pressure when your clients want to come visiting your workspace. You can make do with our private meeting room for a few hours or a few days at a token.

  • 3. Private workspace
  • If you still run your business from home and you need a space where you can get constant light internet and where you can get some tranquility to get your head together and even have meetings with your clients from time to time, then the private workspace is your best option

  • 4. Co-working space/ Shared office space
  • This is also a good option to get your small business running without mking financial commitments that will break your purse.

  • 5. Team office space
  • If you have grown to the point that you have a couple or more people working with you, then a team office space is just good for you.

  • 6. Temporary office space
  • Unlike most realtors around, Gilgal provides you a temporary office spaces that could help you sort temporary situations without having to make long term commitments.

  • 7. Day office space
  • You can rent an office space for just one day is you want to. Whether it’s to meet with a client or to take care of an urgent task, our short-let packages help you meet your office needs without having to bear unnecessary costs.

    We believe that every business has the capacity to expand and spread to larger environments, but while your small business grows, lets help you take care of your location needs and ensure you get the best value for your money.

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